While travelling I take good care of my laptop. It travels with me and doesn’t go in baggage compartments, or doesn’t normally anyway. The people I work (and therefore often travel) with are generally careful with other people’s belongings, but someone on my last trip wasn’t. His general attitude was to bang, crash and general be physical with things. When he managed to drop my bag containing the laptop from about 4 foot therefore I was concerned. With hindsight I should have been more careful! I certainly will be in future.

The fact that the new laptop is only 10 days old does mean it’s under warranty (a consoling thought as I travelled home) but initial review showed it all working just fine. Sadly tonight I realised that the wireless interface has disappeared from the system and doesn’t seem to be related in anyway to a driver issue. Looks like a support call to IBM is required on Monday morning 🙁

Lesson for today – don’t let idiots near your bags when they contain valuable or delicate items, even if they are the bossman!