So, this morning I was in the IRC channel for the im_kit (a cool project that deserves more attention) and a question arose about adding an attribute to a people file. I’ve been working on libpeople which now features 3 classes with the aim of allowing easy use of people files. In an effort to show how straightforward it was to use (not to replace the function being discussed but as an example) I posted a simple few lines of code into the channel (slowly of course to make sure the flood monster didn’t catch me).

The negative reaction (from BeMonni) is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the community at times and why it’s hard to summon up the energy to try and help at times… Oh, for future refernce adding a smiley to the end doesn’t really help either!

So, if you consider yourself a part of the beos “community” then ask yourself this – was what I just said/wrote helpful and constructive?