Just back from a weeks holiday on the Isle of Mull. The week seemed to go past far too fast but I now find myself thinking I need another holiday!

Mull itself is very pleasant place, if a little odd. It has a feeling of being in a time warp from the 1950’s. People don’t lock the doors on their houses or cars and people seem to value being courteous to each other. The single track roads, passing places, lack of mobile coverage and WiFi just served to reinforce the feeling.

Highlights were the visit to Lunga and Staffa, lowlights getting soaked getting to the summit of Ben More and the seemingly endless, annoying, unsatisfying walk to Carsaig Arches.

All the B&B’s we stayed in were great, the only place we stayed that didn’t quite meet expectations was the one “hotel” we used.

Now I’m home and starting to catch up from being disconnected from the online world for a week. The emails have piled up and the 1,000 or so pictures from the week need processing!

Puffin on Lunga