The papers have recently been full of stories about the rise of online shopping and the harm it’s doing the high street. The storeis abound and yet the same papers carry articles (in the same edition) extolling the virtues of shopping online and the bargains you can find! Confused?

The simple fact remains that buying online is often far cheaper. I recently bought a book that I’d read a review of in a magazine. The book was on amazon for 40% off the retail price with postage for free as it triggered the magic price. Before I placed my order I looked at the book in a high street bookshop, but when I knew I could buy it for 40% off I wasn’t about to purchase it in the shop. being able to hold the book was very useful in making my final decision to buy.

The huge disadvantage to online shopping is the delivery, especially if it arrives via Securicor Omega who must be the worst delivery company in the UK. I arived home expecting to find 2 cards waiting for me after I used their online tracking facility to check on the packages and found they were with a neighbour. Were the cards there? Of course not. Had the neighbour not brought them round I wouldn’t have ahd any idea they were even in the same county had I not looked online!

Amazon may be a good site for shopping, but the poor quality of their delivery company spoils the appeal of buying from them. This was probably only my 3rd order this year using amazon. Had I found the same deal somwehere else for the same money I’d have shopped there in preference. Maybe the paranoia that currently surrounds online retailers is just that – paranoia – as if you can’t get the item easily then the high street starts to look more appealing.