Added a few more functions today to enable the main project using butter to be installable using “butter -install”. It now works, which is kind of cool.

The uninstall feature isn’t yet working and the work has thrown up a few other problems that need to be fixed, but they’re not huge issues and so shouldn’t take long to figure out. Clean also seems to be slightly broken, but, again, I’m hopeful it’ll be solved quickly.

I’ll try to update the website and throw some examples up there and someone suggested they might try it sometime soon for their project. I’ve cautioned them that it’s not quite time yet and they should wait as I’d like to have the rest of the bugs worked out before people start playing or spending time on it. Seems only fair really 🙂

That said the next 3 days I’ve got some tests to complete at work so my stress level is a little higher than usual and I need to concentrate on what I’m doing and not code. It’ll therefore be next week before I can get back to trying to fix the issues I’ve found.

The only feature that’s totally missing still is auto-dependancies, but I have in mind how to do that and so will try to add it before long.