Yesterday was a day that I learned a dirty, dark secret that leaves me feeling a little dirty and ashamed. In retrospect it’s not a secret, it was right there had I taken the time to look for it. I suppose I shuld have known, but I just never thought it would happen…

One of the cool things about the ASF is that as an organisation we can normally be counted on to do things the right way. We don’t act in a “do as we say, not do as we do” fashion – we leave that to companies that try to build businesses from our products! We care about standards and we care about the example we set. Or I thought we did.

Yes, apparently the ASF does act in a “do as we say not do as we do” nature when it comes to using CGI’s on our websites! Ask webmasters about doing this they’ll recoil in horror. Ask about it on user lists for Apache HTTP server and you’ll see a similar reaction and be told that you should have them in their own directories – safely seperated from static content. So how then do we justify disregarding all this good advice we supply? Apparently organising our internal repositories to accomplish this is too hard and raises too many questions we don’t have answers for.

I’m ashamed by the hyprocisy of it.