I went to buy something via eBay tonight. As usual it tells me to pay via PayPal. I’ve used it before – should be easy right?

The amount is slightly more than I’ve bought items for before, but not too much higher. Seemingly it exceeds some sort of threshold so now I’m unable to pay! Yep. Despite having credit card information present, a credit card that I’ve used recently for buying a car (quite a bit more expensive than the item I’m trying to buy from eBay).

For some reason though PayPal refuses to even let me try and use the credit card until I go through some stupid validation routine. If I was using any other online payment system this wouldn’t be needed – I’d enter my details and it would take the money. This really is ridiculous and makes me feel like ever using PayPal even less. I’m hoping that the retailer selling the item has an alternative payment system that I can use to bypass the whole mess as otherwise I’ll miss the delivery window I want 🙁 Grrrr, how annoying.