My server at home recently developed a nasty little problem – repeated panics after less than 12 hours of running due to memory problems. As this box was providing DHCP and DNS it tended to cause problems for anyone trying to use the network!

The quick solution was to change to using DHCP via another box and stop using DNS locally which got me through the last couple of days with few problems, but I’ve spent some of today remedying the problem properly by swapping some memory around.

I had an older, slower backup box but discovered that a CPU change a while back led to it being unsuitable for longer term use (the CPU seemed to start flaking out after an hour or so) so it was all change today! While at it I sync’d both boxes with their current FreeBSD versions, but in doing so triggered an ACPI blacklisting for one requiring me to disable ACPI. A quick web search and that was fixed so it will now reboot happily!