Amazing how quickly a week passes! Just returned from a weeks holiday in Scotland, seeing relatives and doing the holiday maker sightseeing thing. Took quite a few pics so hopefully I’ll sort out enough time to stick them onto the web before long. Not being near a computer for a week is a really refreshing change and felt very good. Sitting down this morning to check my mails and rejoin the connected world brought with it a sense of trepidation at what I might find! Only about 2,000 emails were there to meet me so not as bad as it could have been!

From last weeks travels I’d reccomend Papa Joe’s in Dundee as being a superb place to grab a bite to eat. Nice atmosphere, good service and food. The Lodge on Loch Lomond was probably one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in and their restaurant was similarly very good. not the cheapest place but the staff were warm, friendly and very helpful. The views from the room of the Loch were breathtaking.

By way of sightseeing, Falkland Palace was interesting and nicely done, but one of the best places we visited was Craignethan Castle. It’s well off the beaten track but well worth a visit if you like castles as it’s amazingly intact. The Wallace Monument was also worth a visit though english people may not be so keen!