Had a few days walking last week and finally got round to uploading the pictures today. I guess that draws the holiday to a conclusion 🙁 Still, nice to get it done and the pictures uploaded, Having a digital camera means I feel far less inhibited abut taking pictures, so over the course of the 5 days I took over 400! I’ve trimmed dramatically before uploading, but even then I could have been more aggressive in my selections. As always there were lessons to be learnt and over the course of the days I think I came to the conclusion I really need to carry a tripod with me. Some of the pictures could have been so much better with a tripod for stability rather than some moss covered rock! Additionally I need to be careful when using the exposure adjustment. I had a tendancy to use it and then forget it was set until a lot later – leading to quite a few over or under exposed pictures and some head scratching as to why!

Looking at some of the pictures I discarded I realise that I also need to be careful about getting horizons level as at least one good shot was ruined by the odd angle I was holding the camera at. To be fair later on in the week I did start to pay more attention, but it’s still a good thing to bear in mind.

Scanning the corners before taking the picture paid dividends with fewer pictures ruined by odd foreground clutter – something that a magazine I read keeps encouraging.

The pictures are available here. Doug hasn’t linked his from his site yet, but they can be seen here.