Well, last night was a lot of fun! Had a curry with Paul, Catherine and Charlotte, then drove down to Lambs Green for a few drinks with Den, some fireworks and enjoyable conversation. Got to bed about 2am nicely merry 🙂

So, in case you’re not sick of hearing it already, Happy New Year!

Went to see National Treasure today (again with Den), which was fun.

The clouds cleared a little while ago and so I got the scope out and had another look at the comet. The alignment worked just as well again, so I’m guessing my earlier problems were due to inexperience in using the scope and general operator error. I tried again to image the comet using the LPI but I have a feeling that it just won’t work at present. It’s still magnitude +3.6 tonight so hopefully as it carries on brightening it’ll be easier. I also need to look again at using the LPI and the whole astrophotography stuff in general. No doubt all will become clear at some point.