Yesterday saw me heading off to France for a xmas meal with the folks from Country Property. This involved getting up early ( missetting teh alarm clock didn’t help) then driving into Kent before getting on a mini-bus to head to Le Touqet. Going through the channel tunnel was interesting (a first for me) and was quite fast. The french passport people appeared to be on a day off as there was no check of passports on the way to France, though thankfully the UK people did check before we boarded for the return journey. Lunch was at Flavio’s and was very good.

Was really nice to have (yet) another day away from the computer and I slept like a log last night. Of course having spent all this time away from the keyboard it means I really need to do some coding today 🙂

The spammers were back at it again and I had 129 comments awaiting moderation this morning. Thankfully the addition of my “Remove All” button means it’s no longer an issue, just a simple button press and they’re all gone! If only all problems could be so easily addressed.