I’ve been waiting to update the firmware on my KK2.0 board for a while as I needed a USBasp. The one I ordered turned out to have a 10 pin connector, so I then had to wait for the 10 to 6 pin adapter to arrive! Thankfully both parts are now here and so having time this morning it was time to upgrade from the old 1.2 firmware the board shipped with.

When I first looked at the KK Multicopter Flash Tool I missed the fact it’s a Java application and so, mistakenly believing it required Windows, I hunted down and installed the Windows 7 drivers the USBasp required. This took a few attempts as the drivers I found initially wouldn’t install, though why they wouldn’t install remains a mystery to me. Once everything was installed I connected the board, ran the application and flashed the new firmware in less than 5 minutes.

Once flashed to firmware version 1.6 I powered the board and configured/calibrated ready for a test flight, though with the high wind and heavy rain that wasn’t possible today.