Last Sunday was Festival Sunday in Edinburgh. To make the most of the day the Edinburgh Photographers group on flickr organised a meetup. The weather stayed (mostly) dry and the meadows was transformed into it’s usual organised chaos, giving lots of interesting opportunities for pictures. It was good to see a whole bunch of people from the group that I’d never met before and everyone seemed to have a good day.

The Dryad

Clash of Cultures

I started the day with the camera set on manual (my usual mode these days), but soon found that the extra time it needs was causing me to miss shots, so I swapped to Aperture priority for the remainder of the day. I’ve not spent much time at such events with a camera so it was interesting and a little challenging at times. Hopefully I’ll do better next time 🙂 The pictures from the day can be seen here.

One of the revelations was that the performers on the meadows were actively looking for attention, so suggestions on how to pose were usually willingly accepted. With hindsight, we should have made more of this than we did!