I find it hard to believe, but Feathercast has been going for a year! Maybe not exactly to the day, but close enough 🙂 It’s certainly been a busy year for Rich and I!
The experience has been incredible and has led to me talking with a wide range of interesting people. I know so much more about the ASF now than I did prior to starting, and expect I’ll know more in another year. I’ve learned a lot about recording and editing audio but have yet to find a solution for recording phone calls that ticks all the boxes I’d like. Gizmo is close, but the quality could be better and separate tracks on the recording would be nice.
The highlight for me was ApacheCon Austin where Rich and I managed to get an episode a day recorded, edited and released! The effort may have almost cripppled us at times, but I think the reaction we had shows it was worth it.
Thanks to everyone who has listened and special thanks to all those who have taken the time to talk with us.