A few months ago I had the idea of creating a series of podcasts around the ASF. While it’s a well known organisation it’s often one that seems to be clouded in secrecy and obscurity. A podcast could be a good way to start removing that fog and provide a more human face to the organisation. Of course, I’d never created a podcast!

I talked to a few people and the idea seemed popular, so I talked in more detail to Rich Bowen. He has been creating podcasts for a while and seemed interested. We discussed names and finally settled on feathercast. In a rare burst of activity I registered the domain and created a website and upload directories! It was all looking good for us to start.
Then real life got in the way and while there was slow progress nothing really materialised. Until this weekend when I interviewed Noirin Plunkett about Dublin in anticipation of AC EU.

The interview was via Skype and so while the sound quality was good, it was a little variable. My editing skills are still very raw and so I seem to have cut some clips too short. My mic isn’t fantastic and so at times you can hear too much or the mic was too close. There are a few other minor issues, but as it was my first effort I think it’s not too bad overall! I certainly hope it’ll be interesting to anyone who listens to it.

The plan is to start recording a few more and then hopefully Rich will record a number of interviews at the conference (I won’t be there). The site is essentialy a blog with the intent that people use the comments system to leave questions they would like to have asked or add topics they feel should be discussed. How well this works will be seen in the fullness of time.

It’s certainly been an interesting day getting all this together! Now to get some fresh air.

Oh, you can find more at http://feathercast.org/ 🙂