After advertising the committers site a little more it now has details for over 100 ASf committers. Not bad, but there are still over 1,100 who haven’t added their details yet. Somehow I suspect the current layout and organisation won’t scale that well if we ever get near to the full number, but it should be interesting to see!

Planet RDF threw up this link today. Given how much XSLT I’ve been using for the asylum site it should fit right in and looks interesting. It should allow me to add the creation of photo galleries from ASF events to the committers site. It’s something I’ve toyed with before and something that I think should be added. I’ll try and have a look, but the flickr api key business isn’t as easy as it could/should be.

Update: I spent a little bit of time this afternoon and added this to the community site. There are still a few things to do to make it work correctly, but the basic idea is there.