Was in Dubai yesterday. They’re having yet another shopping festival (trying to sell stuff that you don’t need at prices you shouldn’t be paying) so it was busy when we went out for something to eat. Ended up in a sidewalk place having a bit of cake and a cuppa. Nothing unusual there. The place was also an internet cafe, where you sit and they bring over a laptop with wireless connection for you! At one point they had about 15 people all sitting with laptops at their tables with mice that glowed in the dark! I’m sure other places do it that way, but it’s the first time I’ve seen laptops used like that in an internet cafe. Cake was good as well!

However, the less said about the “ladies” we were accosted by repeatedly as we walked back to the hotel the better. First time I’ve come across it in Dubai personally, though the rumours have been rife for a while now. Interesting that the authorities haven’t clamped down on it more given their efforts to market Dubai as a family destination.