My new PCI graphics card arrived today so I finally ahve both screens working. Getting them working in X took a little while, but the secret seems to be that the “Screen” setting is only needed when you have multi-heads on a single card, not multiple cards. It was very annoying to see the repeated “No matching Device section” warnings when it all seemed to be correct. Still, after a lot of wandering round the web and playing with the config I eventually stumbled across a working setup. 🙂

Xinerama makes dual monitors very straight forward, but of course now my wallpaper is stuck in the middle of the screen! I think it’s going to take a little getting used to, but having the Gaim and email windows visible should mean I can keep up with other things will coding. Time will tell. Having wasted all that time on getting this working I guess I should do some coding now 🙂