Having just updated one of my servers to Ubuntu 10.04, I’ve had a couple of issues with the dovecot package.

The antispam plugin is for a previous version – though it’s happy enough to install which seems as though it’s a violation of the package dependancy protection. Converting from a previous installation meant I expected to be able to use the same settings – and largely I was able to – with one exception that took me a while to track down.

Basically the dovecot installation has moved to having a conf.d directory for user configuration. It’s a great idea and one that more and more apps are adopting, but sadly the deliver app doesn’t yet support using the seperate directory. This means that if you have used a file in the conf.d directory for your local configuration you need to specify it when calling deliver from the MTA (postfix in my case) using the -c option. Of course, the file needs to have enough information in to enable deliver to work – something that mine initially didn’t.