Sky+ is a great system. It’s made watching TV almost bearable again. I don’t watch adverts these days. I skip past those really annoying sponsor’s breaks (while vowing that i will NEVER buy anything from any company that sponsors a TV programme in that way) and generally watch only what I want to. There is one annoyance though – by avoiding all the adverts and intermissions you miss notifications of new programs and new series starting. This is mildly annoying and does mean that watching the occasional advert on behalf of Sky is worthwhile. It’s a quandry!

Well, S came round tonight on his way home from Rome and mentioned a little application called DigiGuide. You have to subscribe to use it long term, but it does offer notifications of new series and allows you to search the whole listings for things of interest. I’ve signed up for the free trial and so far am impressed with the details it provides. The navigation isn’t at all obvious (rotating the wheel thing on my mouse makes the time bar move rather than moving the channels up/down as I thought it would) but I’m sure it’ll all become more obvious with use.