City Link – what a waste of space! Their staff are extremely unhelpful, turning to sarcasm and defensive comments at the merest suggestion of a problem that might be their doing.

The story starts on Tuesday. After ordering a couple of things that would be delivered by City Link on Wednesday. That should have been fine as I expected to be at home through the period they normally deliver. Then my work pattern changed and I wasn’t going to be around on Weds or Thursday. Realising this would lead to problems with the delivery I called City Link to postpone.

This was 5:30pm on Tuesday. “Your package isn’t in our system yet, so we can’t deal with that. Call tomorrow morning at 8am and we’ll deal with it then. “. This seemed like a rather silly excuse but I guess I can live with it.

I rang at 8am to find an answerphone message telling me they were closed!

8:25am and I finally got through. “It’s gone out on the van and so they’ll try and deliver it today.” was the initial reaction. Explaining my situation they agreed to deliver it on Friday instead of Thursday (they try for 2 consecutive days). Thinking this was the end of it I went to work.

When I returned home I found a card from CityLink for yesterday – Thursday. This didn’t bode well. I scoured the mail and there was only the one card. Fine I thought, they cancelled the delivery on Wednesdya dn tried yesterday, so they’ll also try today.

2:20pm Friday. Still no parcel so I decided to check the CityLink website. All was now clear. They had tried to deliver (exactly as the woman I spoke to said they would) on Wednesday and then had also tried to deliver on Thursday! Doh! I rang the branch and spoke to one of the most sarcastic customer service people I’ve had the displeasure of talking to in a long while.

“What sort of front door do you have?” was her initial question when I expained about the missing card for Wednesday. I replied “Just a normal front door” and was met with a tirade about what is an ordinary front door, even bringing her work colleagues into the conversation! Oh yes, customer service par excellence!

Of course the result was that the parcels have now had delivery attempted twice. This means that CityLink will no longer deliver them to my house. I have to drive to the depot and collect them! So much for a “home delivery” service eh? If I don’t do this soon enough they’ll simply return them to the sender.

This isn’t an unusual story, which explains their nickname (use your imagination, rhymes with ‘City’!) but having gone to the trouble of trying to stop them wasting time and money trying to deliver when I wasn’t going to be here I just feel annoyed. I contacted the sender and told them the story, but they aren’t able to do anything as CityLink will feel they honoured their contract in full by attempting delivery.

The moral of the story is simple, when you have a choice DON’T USE CityLink!!!


Went to collect the parcels earlier today. Got to the building, rang the bell, waited 5 minutes, then heard a voice shout “I think there’s someone waiting”, which resulted, after about a minute, someone poking their head out the door. when I eventually got my packages they forgot about the 2 main ones and only fetched them after I reminded them there should be another 2! Incompetent to the end…