I’ve just got back from visiting a friend (11:15pm), a drive that involves a long narrow country road with a lot of twists and nasty bends. The drive was made even worse tonight by the biggest idiot driver I’ve come across in a long time. He was driving a Transit “flat bed” for Balfour Beatty (reg was BJ03 RRO) . His driving was so aggressive that he had full beam on when his headlights were less than a metre from the rear of my car – while I was doing between 55 and 60 down these windy narrow roads at night! He even had his extra lights above the cab on for some reason. When he did overtake he drove at a speed through the centre of East Grinstead that was far too fast and then proceeded to do exactly the same to the next car he found in front of him.

With displays of driving like this there can be little wonder that the number of road deaths is climbing!