Over the past few days I’ve been looking at Concrete5 CMS. It’s an interesting system and appears to offer features that should make it far easier to use than other systems. The inline editing of content directly on the page is a real bonus and actually seems to work as easily as they claim.

There are many tutorials and helpful posts out there about it, but so far I’ve failed to find any that address storing, managing and using structured data. There are many explanations about blocks and how they can be used on pages, but very little about storing, using and managing data that isn’t directly displayed to the user. I’m sure there are explanations out there but I’ve yet to find any. Looking for example code isn’t as easy as with some systems as most of the more interesting add-ons in the Markeptplace require payment to download.

I’m going to keep looking and experimenting as the CMS does seem to have a lot going for it, but if people have good tutorials or examples they’re willing to share I’d love to hear from them!