I’m faced with a dilemma. Suggestions about what to do next are welcomed!

This involves a flickr group, which is in effect a mini community. The group is known as Photography Guide to Edinburgh and can be found here. I’ve been a member for a long time and know a lot of the members of the group – in fact I’ve even attended one of their meeting and have kept trying to attend subsequent ones.

With no prior notice, though, I have found myself removed from the community and any mention or note of my participation removed! It’s as if I never existed! What did I do to warrant such radical rewriting of history?

I’ve had no official notification of my crimes against the community, so can only assume I touched a nerve with a short post about the slowly reducing number of members of the group. Surely any community should care about a rapid reduction in its membership, especially when it follows an especially nasty and very personal thread about whether to allow video content to be added to the group (which has now been deleted).

Let’s face it, all communities go through such growing pains, but ignoring them and removing those who bring them up can’t be the right approach – can it?

So, what do I do next? I’ve rejoined the group, but haven’t dared post any comments on any threads for fear of being removed again? Should the admin who removed me (who remains anonymous) have sent me an email before simply kicking me out? Is removing all evidence of my contribution justifiable? I find myself in the odd position of not knowing what to do next!

Suggestions via the comments to this blog or direct email please!