I’m sitting here having just done my first ever talk at a conference! Codecon has been interesting so far with some interesting talks and the reception tonight to look forward to.

The talk was on the code I’ve been doing with Ben on the CA and was the first time I’ve ever dared to get up int front of an audience and talk. I thought I was being very careful and got the laptop all setup nice and early, but forgot all bout making sure that the VGA output was going to both the external port and the screen. When it came time to start the talk there was nothing to be seen on the extenral VGA output, so a quick reboot into windows to make sure it was enabled followed by a reboot and then another when it became apparent that without the external port attached at boot time it wouldn’t work. Sigh. What a way to start 🙁

Once I started though it flowed and the feedback has been good (though a little kind I think) and there were a few questions asked. Have to say I’m glad it’s over though 🙂