Spent Christmas at my folks place which was fun. The iPod seemed to go down well enough though the real test will be if they continue using it after I leave. Just about to have something to eat then drive home to go back to work tomorrow. After some experimenting I found that by leaving the mobile on a windowsill in just the right place it got enough of a signal to be usable and so I haven’t been quite as out of touch as I thought I would be.

We also finally opened the packet of long, thin balloons I got in Kuwait. Andrew got a packet for Christmas but I decided that I’d keep a packet for myself and great fun it turned out to be. I took some pictures of my efforts and will try to get them online before too long so you can all see just how bad I am it! It’s not nearly as easy as many people make it look, though the web sites I found that detailed how to do it were quite helpful. Once more the web proves to be an incredible source of obscure information 🙂

I need some longer balloons for some of the suggested animals so will have a look when I’m in Houston this week. Who knew there was so much involved in such a simple endeavour?