Well, another fun few days in Chicago. Met up with Fitz again this afternoon and went to a book fair, did lunch and generally hung out. Sun was out for a change and it felt very summery. Great day!

Should be home tomorrow and then I’m making the trek up to London to atten NotCon 2004. Hopefully this will give me a chance to hook up with some friends and people I’ve been chatting to online. Sometimes face-to-face communication is better then 1000 emails!

I’ve started the process to get a 1.0 release of APR and APR-Util out the door and after an initial return to the negativity that has dogged previous efforts some progress is now being made. I’ll create an initial candidate on the 16th June for both and the final will be done on the 30th June. It may have been a long drag but APR is a good library that makes writing cross-platform software much easier. Finally we will have the definitive 1.0 by the end of June!