Another long weekend away, this time with some of Rosies family. We drove 3 hours south and west, arriving just outside Stanraer in a small village called Glenluce. The castle is around 2 minutes drive from the village and sits in a field with a couple of other houses. It’s an impressive sight as you approach – a feeling reinforced by the size and weight of the front door! As it’s a castle, every stairwell is a spiral – though the main stairwell was wider than I thought it would be. The “great hall” has a high ceiling and is a great room for entertaining, despite the rather small kitchen (Rosie deserves a medal for cooking for 6 people in it).

As usual with the Landmark Trust the accommodation was excellent. The crockery and cutlery was showing it’s age a little, but was still more than functional. At night it was incredibly quiet, though we didn’t see any of the ghosts talked about in the log book!

The weather really helped the weekend as there was barely a cloud in the sky for our 4 days. The sun really had some strength in it (as my head attested to) and t-shirts were the order of the day for the first time this year.

Evening meal

Continuing in the tradition of “deckchair pictures” we were once again joined by Tess for this one (taken on self timer by Rosie):-)

One girl, her man and their dog

We’re already looking for our next landmark to visit 🙂