A long while ago I used to use skype and HotRecorder on windows to allow me to record interview for FeatherCast. This worked well, but with my change to Ubuntu wasn’t possible. I spent a long while trying the various “hacks” to get skype recording working on Ubuntu – all to no avail. That was a while ago and now there is a newer skype (as of last October) that uses ALSA as it’s sound system. While installing i386 Ubuntu onto my desktop I installed and skype and started to think that surely with the change to ALSA and the amount of time since the release someone would have figured out how to record now.

The answer seemed to be yes when I looked at this, so this morning I tried it. Sadly it didn’t work for me. No matter what combination of settings I tried did it manage to record. I’ll keep looking, but surely this can’t be as hard as this on Ubuntu? There seems to be enough interest in recording via skype that I do wonder why the skype application doesn’t follow Gizmo and simply have a record button on the gui. Of course they could go one further than Gizmo and record each stream as a separate file 🙂