I’ve been playing more and more with RDF technologies over the past 6 months and have started to see a lot of potential uses for the technology within the ASF. I’ve created a few demonstrations in the site-dev sandbox I have at http://asylum.zones.apache.org/, but these are very much still in development. The one that I think is ready to make an appearance is the calendaring.

The basic idea is that every project (or even committer) can maintain their own file and simply tell the central asf calendar about them. The calendar will then be generated (hopefully) on a regular basis and will allow people to view events from all areas of the ASF, with all the benefits that should bring.

I’m interested in getting it moved into a permanent home, but before the effort is expended for that it needs some more events and for people to look and provide feedback. I really think this is a useful asset that we should embrace, but your views may well vary 🙂