Just back from cairo where I decided that I’d go see the pyramids. I’d heard plenty of horror stories about what to expect and the experience lived down to most of them (no crowds of anti-western youths hurling abuse at us thankfully). The actual pyramids are very impressive, but it’s hard to really appreciate them as every local you meet is intent on parting you from your money as soon as human;y possible in return for doing as little as possible! Spending about 2.5 hours there was enough for a long time.

When visitng the Great Wall you are confronted with a hoard of people trying to seel you all manner of things, but once you get to the start of the park that surrounds the wall you are left in comparitive peace and quiet. This seems like a nice trade between allowing people to try and make money and allowing visitors to enjoy the experience as they see fit. Sadly in cairo the experience is far removed. I have heard stories of people being taken into places where they felt physically threatened before money being discussed. The atmosphere within the area around the pyramids was seemingly full of random people all of whom wished to act as your “guide” for a sum of meny that was not discussed until they had completed their “tour” and had you cornered and out of sight of all others!

I’m glad I visited but can say with some certainty it won’t be on my list of places to visit again.