I started using twitter a long while ago. It was interesting, but not hugely useful – until I started getting tweets to my mobile. Suddenly it became a much more useful service. I could keep track of friends without any additional effort from wherever I was.

Of course, sending out so many tweets over a mobile carriers network is expensive, so it was always destined to be a service that had an end – albeit that date wasn’t one we were concious of.

It turns out that date was earlier this week. An email announcing the change arrived and suddenly twitter is no longer the useful service it was. The initial withdrawal is now past and I’m finding my need to check on what people are doing subsiding nicely.

Without the updates to my mobile it’s just not worth the effort. People will no doubt argue I could use a web browser on my mobile (yes, even though it’s not a jesus phone it has a web browser that works quite well) but that’s not as convenient or as easy as having the tweets as text messages. No, I think the most sensible plan for me is to kick the habit! The “cold turkey” stage is over, so it’s all downhill from here.

Maybe I’ll start writing more here? Who knows, might happen!