So rang this morning to try and get a MAC code so I can move my connection. First off the only numbers I can find are for business use, not residential. I decide to try one and get prompted “if you’re a residential customer”! Guess other people have the same problem. The phone then rings for a while and then cuts off.

The menu services that all big companies now seem to employ are maddening and like most people I think they reduce the quality of service dramatically. I’ve almost gotten to the point of transferring my business away (as I have started doing for businesses that move call centres offshore), but it’s certainly getting close 🙁

When I did eventually speak to a human being (horray) he told me I had the wrong number and needed another number! He then told me he only knew this as he had handled the same enquiry 2 weeks ago and had done the legwork to find out. The move can’t happen soon enough.