My current broadband contract ran out a while ago and the renewal price was too steep – £360/year for a 1Mb connection! A year ago that wasn’t too bad a price, and the service has been good, but now the renewal price is just silly. Having swapped my telephone to Talk Talk and had no problems I figured I’d try their broadband service.

Most things went OK but the lead times they required were enormous. This has led to a strange state of affairs where I’m not sure whether I’ll have braodband every time I arrive home, but (touch wood) so far it’s always been available. The main source of problems with the changeover is the seeming insistance of Talk Talk to send me a modem that I have asked twice not to receive. As I’m sure most people will realise I have sufficient boxes that can talk broadband already in residence and the prospect of adding one doesn’t really interest me. Of course if I don’t take the modem then they won’t be able to charge me for it, so maybe that’s their cunning plan? Of course if I cancel my service and the direct debit they won’t get any money at all – so their thinking would appear to be too short term.

When I rang them to tell them I had a modem and didn’t need it (after it arrived and the postman managed to hide it in the box housing my electric meter – always a fun search in the rain) they told me to ring yet another number. I explained I’d waited for 5 minuites for the current cal to be answered and asked (politely) if they could have the correct department call me. “No” was the simple answer – immeadiately followed by a sales pitch for yet another service for just a few more pence a day! Wow. Another demonstration of the epitome of customer service.

Once the dust settles I might start looking for another provider for both my phone and broadband. Of course Talk Talk may suddenly surprise me and start delivering service that doesn’t make me want to shower after each contact, but given the weight of evidence I doubt it.