A year ago I spent a bit of time and effort trying to figure out which provider to use for my broadband. I eventually went with Zen, partly based on a reccomendation from Ben. The service has been very good and the price, while a little higher than I’d like to pay (I want it for free!) isn’t that bad for a totally unrestricted service. Their customer service is very good – even if they have one of those nasty “press 1 for..” menu systems. As an indication of the quality of their service, any company that doesn’t provide top notch service and has one of those systems doesn’t get my business these days.

After 1 year of good service the renewal notice came through yesterday. Still being on the 512 connection I thought I’d have a check round some other providers just to see if I could get a 1Mb service for a more reasonable price. The answer appeared to be no, so I’ve asked for the speed upgrade! Thom did point out that he’s currently on a 24Mb connection, but sadly those speeds don’t exist in this area.