Over the last few days I’ve started looking at BONE in more detail and trying to figure out how it all fits together. I’ve had an interest in writing/working on a modular stack for a while now, and BONE is what we have on BeOS so it’s a good place to start. It’s modular nature makes it difficult to get started when looking in detail but I’m starting to make progress and writing some docs as I go.

I should stress the docs I’m writing are for my own use and I don’t plan on releasing them, or even the results of any of the stuff I’m playing with! Sorry.

The BONE stack is interesting as it’s not as modular as I believe it should be, nor does it do as much “auto configuration” as I thought it might (given how good BeOS is normally at doing this). I think these can be fixed but it needs some more thinking and rewriting, so won’t happen anytime soon.

I’ll also be rolling the initial APR 1.0 tarball on Wednesday – progress is being made and it looks like only a couple of outstanding issues to be cleared up.