One of the (many) projects I’ve been working on is BLT. BLT aims to be a libtool replacement for BeOS platforms and uses C++ instead of the shell scripts that GNU libtool uses. It aims to be as compliant as possible and I’ve been using it to build of different things on my system for quite some time now. It’s still in development but it does seem to work for most builds. It’s in the BeClan SVN repository should you want to look.

In many ways BLT is similar to butter, though with much more modest aims and goals!

I’ve also made more progress on BePackager tonight. It’s probably approaching the point that it should be capable enough to let others at least look at it. Hopefully I’ll get the final bug list worked out next week and then get some form of file that people can download to look at.

I’ve had a few people ask about a new SVN build for BeOS as they’ve reached a 1.0 release. I’ll be doing this next week after I get back from my hols in Scotland.