Spent a bit of today adding a survey to BeClan. At least I’m calling it a survey, but actually it’s an exercise to try and find out what people really think of BeOS. It’s very difficult to tell in detail what people think as they don’t very often articulate it clearly. Maybe this will help them do that, maybe it won’t. It’s worth trying though. Hopefully having a clearer picture of where things are both good and bad will help people to make things even better. In fact I’m hoping it will also work on more subtle levels by allowing people to help each other get more out of their experiences by pointing out apps or changes that they can make that will solve their problems.

My biggest fear is that it’ll degenerate into yet another forum for people to flame Zeta or OBOS or any other os out there. If it gets too bad I’ll simply remove it, but that will be a very sad reflection on the state of the community.