Yesterday someone posted a comment in reply to ‘Great Expectation’ saying “As I said before, when beclan was initially starting, they should have gone through beunited, which is perhaps the only truely neutral BeOS organization left out there”. Now while I value his right to have an opinion I have to wonder about his state of mind 🙂

I find it very worrying that people who consider themselves to be “BeOS” people seem to believe that BeUnited is a force for good. They have a clearly defined agenda which is to remake much of the world as we know it in their chosen mould. If people feel that’s neutral, open and a frameowrk that encourages development and innovation then I obviously got off the spaceship at the wrong stop!

BeClan has an agenda, but it’s one that (I hope) chooses to focus on positives and not negatives. Working together is what will bring about the applications and communties needed for BeOS to survive as a hobby OS and for Zeta to develop into a commercial OS. When I wrote Great Expectations I was disappointed by the progress being made. I wanted to get my views across with a view to shaking things up a little – it worked. I’m now more hopeful than I was that BeClan is starting to make a difference. It may be small, but it’s there and it’s growing.

I’m sure people will now say that this could have been done via BeUnited, but in my opinion (and that of many others I’ve talked to) they would be wrong. The 2 organisations aren’t in competition and shoudn’t be viewed that way. The fact that people keep doing so confuses the situation! Please stop.