So, my last blog provoked a few questions! Good. Maybe people are still alive out there? 🙂

Basically the xml is following the DocBook schema and as such should be suitable for people who may wish to make printable versions. The reason for the move is to try and widen access to the BeBook and get better documentation as a result.

The BeBook can already be downloaded from BeClan and edited at home yourself! In fact if you find errors and want top fix them you can then commit these changes back. That’s been the plan from the start. The problem is that the HTML code in the current files is hard to get round and it’s not clear enough to allow “dipping”. I’m hopeful that changing to xml will cure this as it makes editing the text a far easier proposition.

I hope to get more work done over the next couple of days on the scriptt o do the transformation, but it’s slowly starting to get there!

If you want to help then I’d suggest signing up for as announcements will take place there!