One of the things that most concerned me with the change of phone was the battery life of the new model. The 6310i has great battery life and I’ve become very used to never needing to take a charger when I travel. The new one, with it’s colour screen and fancy widgets won’t match the 6310i’s battery life, so I was prepared for some reduction in the time between charges. What I wasn’t ready for was the need to charge it several times a day!

The culprits appears to be bluetooth and the nice photo stand that came with the camera. The phone stand looked ideal and plugged into the mains (though it’s unable to charge the camera without a seperate lead being plugged in as I’ve mentioned before), so I didn’t expect it to drain my phone’s battery – but boy does it! It’s a shame as it was a nice place to leave the phone when it wasn’t being dragged around with me. The bluetooth drain isn’t as dramatic but does appear to be quite high.

Over the last few days, with light usage, I’m happy to report the battery has held up well which has helped ease my fears somewhat.