That banks exist to make money, and therefore rip off their customers isn’t news or even surprising. That they fail to provide a service that could be described as adequate is!

I’ve banked with barclays ever since I was at college, but I’ve finally had enough. Their service has gotten worse and worse, with several small problems in the last 6 weeks being the final straw. Their online offering isn’t user friendly and so I haven’t used it much. every time I do try and use it I therefore need to go through a painful wait of a week to be reissued new passcodes and such like. When all I want is a balance this is just total overkill! So, having heard nothing but good things about First Direct I’ve made the move.

The nice thing about First Direct is that their online service just works. It’s easy to use and doesn’t rely on having things sent to you every time you need to reset a password or some such. Innovations such as getting balances via text message are also good and should make life easier to manage! Now all I need to do is finish moving things over 🙂