Last weekend I recorded an interview for feathercast about Austin (site of the next ApacheCon). Nothing unusual in this. As usual I fired up audacity to edit it and started doing the usual things that are needed. The first time audacity crashed I was surprised and a little annoyed as I lost about 45 minutes work. When I restarted I discovered it had also corrupted the file I had created to work from – so it was back to square one.

That was a few days ago, and since then I’ve carried on editing the file with some success (still using audacity). Tonight though it crashed again and I lost over an hours editing and arranging. At least it didn’t corrupt the file this time. I know audacity is free, but free or not if it keeps crashing I’m not going to invest more time and effort into it.
Anyone have any other suggestions for crash free audio editing applications? I’m interested!