A while ago I started looking at using foaf files to allow ASF committers to add their information to a web site. All too often committers to the ASF go unnoticed and I felt it was about time we had some way of allowing people to add their details and gain some visibility. Of course, it’s voluntary!

Along with the basics (name and projects) I wanted to allow geographical information to be added so we can have a map. The site should also be able to automate production of some of the files we use internally (such as the configuration file for Planet Apache). Privacy is a big concern so we maintain the files in a private repository (that all committers should already have access to) and only publish information from the files that is already public knowledge.
The site has been available for some time, but until today it was still very experimental and I didn’t update it as often as I should have. That changed this morning when I added a small script that will generate the site every 3 hours, keeping things up to date. It’s presently living on the ASF’s zone server (meant for development) but I’d like to think that people would see enough benefit in this to have it eventually moved to it’s own ASF site.
So, if you’re a committer to any ASF project and you’re not listed at http://asylum.zones.apache.org/community/site/ – read the information page and add yourself!