A while back I spent some time and wrote some scripts and XSL that handle RDF calendars. The idea is the same as the other RDF stuff I’ve been doing – allow people to maintain their own data and have a central location aggregate and display the data in useful forms. As Leo points out it’s not really Web 2.0 as I don’t use Ruby on Rails and presently tags aren’t used, but it’s still a nice use of RDF. It’s available at http://asylum.zones.apache.org/rdfcal/ (the development site I’ve been using for all of the RDF stuff) but will hopefully make the move to somewhere on the main ASF sites once it establishes some momentum.

The aim is for any person or group that knows of an event that anyone within the ASF might be interested in (can I make it any more all encompassing) should ideally be listed on the calendar. Noirin wanted to post full details of all the individual sessions for ApacheCon US (she has them available as iCal files), but that’s overkill and the single entry provided by Mads is enough.

Reading Planet Apache I see events being spoken about that really deserve to be on the calendar. It’s open to everyone and I hope more people start to use it.