So apparently the OpenBeOS documentation team have been “quietly” converting the beBook into xml. So, why are they doing it quietly? Now they apparently feel that all the work that I’ve been doing under the auspices of BeClan should be given to them! I’ll restrict my language at this point 🙂

For many who circulate in the BeOS world OpenBeOS is seen as the one “true” beos. The level of support that they give it is beyond what I would descibe as zealotism and exceeds even the support shown by Linux zealots that regularly turns my stomach.

The aims behind OBOS are fair enough, but the overwhelming belief that there are no other projects in existance worth any consideration (except as “helpers” to OBOS) is plain wrong and extremely short sighted. Should OBOS ever get to a point whereby it’s usable it will face the exact same problems as Zeta. Having the most wonderful OS in the world is no use if there aren’t the applications to run on it!

Everything that BeClan does is open and freely available. If Ian & the other people involved with the OBOS project want to look at the script and work I’ve been doing it’s all there in the repository. Of course I realise that this involves effort and isn’t as easy as having things given to them on a silver platter, but it’s the way that BeClan does things. We don’t do things “quietly” nor do we hide behind closed source.

Thinking back to when I was involved with OBOS there was much talk about using XML as a format for the documentation, but there was so little enthusiasm or energy towards that goal that I’m actually amazed they’ve gone down that road. The fact that they’re doing by hand is exactly what I have worked hard to avoid!