So, ApacheCon 2004 is over. This year I managed to get a lot of work done (too much in fact) while still finding time to enjoy Vegas. Presently I’m in Tucson visiting with Rene for a day or so before heading home again, via Dallas. Getting here was with America West – which after my last experience I approached with mixed feelings – but they were much improved.

My FreeBSD 5.3 installation has finally gotten to the point where my desktop is now very usable and offers everything I need for day to day usage, so hopefully windows will start to be used less and less on this machine. I still need to finish getting my BeOS setup completed and need to get some apps installed so I can carry on the work I ws doing before I started playing with the partitioning.

The Leonid meteor shower is ongoing at present so hopefully tonight we’ll go see it from somewhere suitably dark.