It’s been said too often to easily count that people aren’t connecting with politicians anymore. Apparently the politicians are “very concerned”, “troubled” and “actively seeking ways to reconnect with the electorate” – in their own sound bites. Then the prime minister resigns and goes off on his “farewell world tour” for 4 weeks! How much more self indulgent could you get?

Very would appear to be the answer following todays little show. I was in the gym while the final PMQ’s of his holiness Tony took place – and I was almost violently ill. The whole thing was self indulgent on a level I could only imagine until that point. The whole thing smacked of utter arrogance and certainly won’t do anything to encourage those of us who they keep saying matter – remember us? the electorate? – to view them as more accessible and accountable. We may have a new prime minister (not one we elected) but very few people think there will be any real change. Time will tell.