My current phone is 3G compatible. The software that Vodafone supply is old and lacks the ability to state that the phone should ignore 3G networks. Ideally this shouldn’t matter as 3G is faster than older GSM, but in practice there is a bug somewhere in the 3G systems which means that at regular intervals the phone decides it can’t send text messages. Every attempt to send fails (not sure about reception) with a network style time-out error. I have no idea what’s going on but today it seems especially bad as the usual solution of turning the phone off & on hasn’t worked and it still stubbornly refuses to send messages.

As the problem never occurs on a GSM network I’ve tried manually selecting a GSM network but the phone keeps going for 3G vodafone one instead of GSM vodafone 🙁 Hopefully I’ll be able to get the flash upgrade to a newer version of the OS software soon and these problems will go away. It’s annoying as otherwise the phone is very good.